Environmental Stewardship At Maple Leaf Nurseries

Maple Leaf Nurseries is committed to using an environmentally responsible approach to the growing of our products. We raise our plants under conditions that promote optimal health, vigor and disease resistance. We also employ a professional Integrated Pest Management team to monitor our crops for pest and disease problems, catching these before they reach a serious level of threat. Our IPM team also identifies for us the minimum amount of chemical intervention required, and the best natural controls available. These bio-friendly alternatives include a variety of natural predatory insects and nematodes. Lastly, we use a combination of hand-weeding, mulching and cloth barriers to keep our crops and growing areas clean and free of weeds.

Maple Leaf Nurseries has made positive changes to our plant care techniques, as part of a long term goal to lessen any damaged done to the environment, starting with support for honey bees and other pollinators, which are thought to be under attack from traditional farming practices.

As part of this plan, plants that are particularly good sources of nectar and pollen are now identified by our Bee Friendly logo. This logo also lets our customers know that we absolutely do not use any neonicotinoid pesticides, which have been identified as particularly harmful to pollinators.