Meet Our Team

Harry Brouwer

Sales - Ontario
905-562-5563 ext. 232

John MacLean

Sales - Ontario
905-562-5563 ext. 225

Anne Bussière

Sales - Quebec
Tél. et fax: 450-794-2605

Cathi Ling

Sales - Ontario & USA
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Gail Gadawski

Accounts Receivable
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Our Nursery

Maple Leaf Nurseries is a wholesale producer of plants serving small, medium, and large garden centres, landscape designers and contractors from across Ontario, Quebec and New York State.

Located in Vineland, Ontario in the heart of Niagara's wine country, we produce a wide selection of popular container-grown perennials, ferns, and ornamental grasses, deciduous shrubs as well as field grown broadleaf evergreens and ornamental trees. Our production facilities include a 140,000 square foot commercial greenhouse, over 130 hoop houses and more than 230 acres of prime Niagara farmland.

In addition to our own propagation, we source liners and plugs from North America's top breeders. Our product line includes many of the industry's best known and sought after plants, including branded items from Proven WinnersTM and First EditionsTM, Endless Summer HydrangeasTM, Knockout® and Drift Roses®.

At Maple Leaf Nurseries, we are dedicated to growing quality plants, and serving you with the highest levels of customer service.

Our History

Soon after his arrival from the Netherlands in 1959, Harry Bakker began Maple Leaf Nurseries -- a small, part-time nursery in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.  While juggling two other jobs, he successfully grew a line of roses, poplar trees and privet hedging.  In 1963 he moved his farm to St. Catharines where it continued to flourish.  By 1975, the nursery encompassed more than 75 acres and was now a full-time operation.  At this time, Bernie Langendoen and Ted Sikkema came to join the company.  Starting as students they later became full-time employees and eventually left to found their own nursery venture. They returned again in 1992 -- with an offer to purchase Maple Leaf Nurseries, that Harry happily agreed to. With Bernie and Ted as owners, Harry settled into the new role as a sales and business consultant, and a new chapter in the company's history began.  

Change soon followed when in 1996 the company moved to better facilities in nearby Vineland, where it remains today. At this time, in addition to nursery products, Maple Leaf Nurseries began growing its  first crop of perennials. The line was a hit with demand increasing year over year until today it now accounts for nearly half the total sales for the company.

Today, as co-owners of Maple Leaf Nurseries, Bernie and Ted take pride in finding better ways to grow better plants, and to satisfy the ever-changing demands of a challenging marketplace.


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